Branson West, Missouri


To begin with… We would like all of our guests know that we remain open for business.

With that said, we would also like to make you aware of how we are responding to the unprecedented circumstances facing all of us regarding the COVID-19 event we are currently facing.

As a Resort/Lodging business, we have not been classified as a business that needs to be shuttered or restricted during this event. This according to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services. I have attempted to locate guidelines clarifying this better. I came across a message originating from an RV park trade organization attempting to clarify the standing of their members within the state of California (which is obviously not Missouri but generally assumed to be more restrictive)

The Governor’s office replied to them stating “We agree that RV Parks and Campgrounds seem to be essential businesses. In the absence of comprehensive wording, we have been instructed to “Use our best judgement”. Additionally, they indicated that local jurisdictions have the authority to declare a business type as “Essential”.

Branson Treehouse Adventures is ultimately regulated by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services and the Stone County Health Department. Neither of which have notified us of any necessary action other than providing recommendations on how we can best insure the safety of our employees and guests.

Our owners and staff met on Tuesday, March 24 to establish a set of guidelines and procedures to help insure the safety of our staff, work campers and guests during this event. We will be limiting access to our public areas on the property and implementing new sanitization procedures. The measures we have adopted are as follows:

  1. The public pavilion including the guest kitchen and one of the pavilion private shower rooms will be closed to guest use during this time.
  2. Roughly half of the remaining private shower rooms will be closed enabling our housekeeping staff provide more frequent sanitization of the remaining open shower rooms throughout the day.
  3. We will provide frequent daily sanitization of the laundromat area.
  4. The Hospitality building will remain open for guest use but we will be discontinuing the complimentary coffee station service for now. (We ask that our guests use good judgement during their potential interaction with other guests in the Hospitality building – a list of recommendations will be posted at the front door)
  5. Our front office and gift shop area will remain open. However we will offer a “Parking Lot Check In” at your vehicle if you call our office and request it when you arrive.
  6. We will be placing a 24 hour “Housekeeping Hold” on all treehouses and cabins on the days leading up to and following all reservations. This will provide a 24 hour window for the potential airborne live virus lifecycle to complete itself. All normal housekeeping and sanitization procedures of interior surfaces will continue as normal.

We have carefully considered our response and action plan and feel we are able to continue to offer a safe opportunity to continue “Living Life” amid this crisis. Our Cabins and Treehouses have ample distance and privacy to insure your ability to “Keep your Distance” from others (and them from you) To our RV guests, you bring your own private space with you anyway. As long as we all adhere to basic, common sense protocols, we can still enjoy a relaxing, peaceful and safe experience in the Great Outdoors.